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  • Qilu five star white interior wall environmental protection

    Qilu five star white interior wall environmental protection


    Qilu five star white interior wall environmental protection latex paint
    1. Product features:
    Adopt scientific formula, advanced technology, high quality emulsion, high-grade color and fillers, imported additives refined from. Good washing resistance up to more than 20,000 times, fine texture of the film appearance, high cover rate, easy construction, and can inhibit the growth of mold, easy to clean the wall.
    2. Instructions:
    (1) Purpose:
    Used for interior wall decoration of various housing, public buildings and industrial buildings.
    (2) Construction requirements:
    State in container: no lumps, uniform state after stirring
    Construction: brush coating two barrier - free
    Low temperature stability: no deterioration
    Drying time (surface drying) : ≤2h
    Appearance of the film: normal
    Contrast ratio (white or light color) : ≥0.90
    Alkaline resistance: no abnormality in 24h
    Brushing resistance: ≥300 times
    Theoretical paint quantity: 5 ~ 6m2/kg
    Dilute: water.
    3. Precautions:
    Avoid the splash of latex paint in your eyes. If splashed into the eyes, it should be immediately cleaned with water.
    The relevant data in this note are obtained in the laboratory, and the actual data may be slightly different due to the change of the environment during actual use. The above data are subject to change without prior notice.

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