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  • Qixiaobai Children's Net Smell Interior Wall Paint

    Qixiaobai Children's Net Smell Interior Wall Paint


    Qixiaobai Children's Net Smell Interior Wall Paint
    1. This product is a healthy type of excellent performance of the interior wall latex paint. It is made of pure acrylic emulsion imported from the United States, with high weathering pigments and additives. Good whiteness. No yellowing. No powder. High hardness. The feel is delicate and smooth. Silk-like luster more highlight the nobility and elegance of your living room, self-cleaning. Anti-formaldehyde. Ultra-low VOC is good for you and the next generation's physical and mental health. 
    2. Product characteristics.
    Long-lasting brightness. Perfect after many washes.
    Long lasting. Super coverage. Easy to level. Easy to apply. Does not leave brush marks. Save labor and material.
    Easy to apply. Odorless and environmentally friendly.
    No heavy metals. No heavy metals and low VOC.
    Scrub resistant. Easy to clean. Scrub resistant for more than 30,000 times.
    Anti-mold. Anti-bacteria. Formaldehyde removal. Stain resistant. Anti-graffiti and good cleaning.
    Anti-graffiti. Highly waterproof. Coffee crayon. Oil stains and other spills on the wall can be cleaned well without leaving traces. 
    3. Scope of application and requirements
    Home decoration. Children's room. High-grade hotels. Hotel office building interior wall decoration.
    4. Construction requirements
    The surface should be smooth. The surface of the painted object should be flat. Solid without loosening. Chalking. Peeling phenomenon. The surface hollows and cracks should be filled with mortar putty. Sanding smooth.
    The maintenance period of the wall is generally. The maintenance period of wall surface is generally. More than one week for cement mortar surface in summer. More than two weeks in winter. Cement gypsum board is too dry in summer. Wet with water before construction before painting. pH value below 9.
    PH value is below 9. Construction temperature generally requires above 5℃. Generally apply two coats. Re-coating interval is more than 2 hours.
    The paint should be added slightly with 30 % of self-water before use. The paint should be slightly diluted with about 30 % tap water before use and mixed well.
    The paint must not be mixed with any organic solvent. The interior paint should not be mixed with polyurethane. It is easy to yellow when applied at the same time.
    This product should be stored at 5℃-35℃ and protected from freezing and sunlight.
    5. Construction instructions
    The product can be applied by brush. Can be brushed. Roller coating. Spraying. The best effect is achieved by airless spraying.
    6. Package specification:  6kg  20kg 
    Safety code
    Safety rules. Avoid splashing the paint in the eyes. If splashed in the eyes, wash with water immediately.

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