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  • Anti-Mold Interior Wall Emulsion Paint

    Anti-Mold Interior Wall Emulsion Paint


    Anti-Mold Interior Wall Emulsion Paint
    1. Product characteristics.
    This product is an environmental health performance superior anti-mildew anti-bacterial interior wall latex paint, it uses high-quality benzene propylene emulsion as raw material, with high weather resistance dense pigments and additives refined from, good whiteness, no yellowing, no powder, high hardness, feel fine and smooth, excellent environmental protection features.
    2. Usage instructions.
    (1) Uses.
    High-grade community underground garage, culvert and other breathable and humid environment.
    (2) Construction requirements.
    1. Make sure to clean up the wall dirt and sink.
    2. unevenness, with 1-2 coats internal and external wall putty smoothing.
    3. spraying anti-mildew anti-bacterial interior wall emulsion paint, dry four hours, spray again, anti-mildew anti-bacterial interior wall emulsion paint maintenance effect for more than a week to meet the requirements.
    3. Caution.
    Avoid spilling latex paint into the eyes. If splashed into the eyes should be immediately cleaned with water.
    The data in this instruction is obtained in the laboratory, and the actual measured data may be slightly different due to environmental changes during actual use. If the above data is changed, the latest manual of the company shall prevail without notice.

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